1. Register for A pen for all 4 Rounds

2. Round one has 1km neutral roll, other rounds NO neutral

3. At the finish, note your finish position. 

4. Also note the TOTAL riders in your field - this should be at the top of the finish board or note it during the race

5. If you’re in the top half finishers you STAY IN THAT PEN for the next round. Round the math UP if needed (eg, 8th out of 15 stays, 9th moves down). 

6. If you’re in the bottom half, you move DOWN a pen (eg if you’re 9/15 in B, switch your registration to C for next round)

7. On Companion App - click the “more” tile all the way to the right on the menu bar, select “EVENTS” and the next round should be listed in that list - open, UNSELECT Pen A and change your pen

8. The only way to really screw it up, is clicking the “JOIN NOW” on screen prompt BEFORE changing your registration. And don’t worry - you’ll still get to race you’ll just be harassed mercilessly. 

9. The pens are set to 1 minute staggers to ensure they don’t mix on the road - and also to ensure the slower pens are able to finish the prior event (though I don’t predict that would have been an issue)

10. Scoring will occur ONLY for FINISH ORDER FINAL ROUND

11. Each final round pen will have a weighted score that will probably be max A/70, B/50, C/40, D/30