1. Create a meetup for yourself using Zwift Companion App (see instructions below)

    1. Invite your capt or Brad or Carl or Cody (you have to invite somone...)

    2. MEETUP VIEW ONLY - prevents you from drafting

    3. TT Bike ONLY

    4. DO NOT choose any turn options during the ride

  2. Warm up and be ready for your start

  3. The meetup will default to 14.8 km - the iTT is 13.8 km

  4. The segment that counts is the Strava segment "2019 UCI Worlds Harrogate Circuit (Banner to Banner)" that goes ARCH TO ARCH

      1. TIMER starts at the ARCH

      2. RACE THROUGH the SAME ARCH to finish

      3. the meetup HOLOGRAM BANNER may be in a different spot - IGNORE IT


  5. KOM and Sprint Segments count for FTS points #Finishers-1

  6. **PLEASE SELECT ALL PICS Zwift takes in game to "upload" when you save and end the ride - you will have to manually select some - MAKE SURE THEY'RE ALL selected**

    1. This will be how we score the sprint segment (very old school for those of who've been around)

  7. BOTR TIME points also count this stage

  8. **MAKE SURE YOU HAVE JOINED THE DIRTY MITTEN STRAVA CLUB (link on the home page) - this CLUB LEADERBOARD FOR THE WEEK is how we will score this stage**

  9. Complete Stage 2 anytime before SATURDAY HIGH NOON (11/19)

    1. You can take as many tries as you like, only your fastest will count

  10. One last time...ARCH TO ARCH FOR THE SEGMENT